Our Historic Location

The historic building that Goatfeathers occupies today was built by Don Belding (right) and O.L. Raney (left) to relocate their Boulder Laundry business from Nevada Way after it was destroyed in a fire. They reopened their doors on June 30, 1948. 

Our Name

We often are asked - why the name Goatfeathers? And our response is, we don't really know! Goatfeathers has changed management hands a few times over the last few decades. Just like the antiques and rare finds in our shop, we may never know their story, but we cherish what they are to us today. 

Our Legacy

At Goatfeathers, we love nostagia and taking our guests on a walk down memory lane. As you shop our store, you will often hear statements such as, "wow, my great grandmother had that vase!".  From the treasures of today to the rare finds of the past, you can feel the love of the products that our local vendors sell in our shop!